If you loved the “Fabulous Fifties” and this unforgettable music then relive it again with Nashville’s only Oldies Show; starring Kenny & The Krooners. This show takes great pride in presenting the music and the mood in the most authentic style of any show of its kind. Every song must meet the detailed scrutiny of 50’s teen-ager and leader of the show Kenny Earl of Kenny & The Krooners.

Kenny came to Nashville in 1968 pursuing a career in country music. After several records, some being on MGM, he decided to go back to his urban St. Louis roots and form Kenny & The Krooners to present the music of his youth. The show was formed in 1985.

This is a full production show with Kenny, two lovely ladies and a four- piece band. All the performers have several costume changes depicting the “Fabulous Fifties”. The show will surprise you in presenting tunes that you probably won’t hear in any other 50’s show, also those you might hope to hear like The Platters, Buddy Holly, Connie Francis, etc. We in Nashville are very proud of our Country Music Heritage and we demonstrate that with our tribute to Patsy Cline, who was country and pop in the mid 50’s and 60’s.

If you would like to go back to that memorable time once again we promise we’ll take you via the “Oldies Show”, starring Kenny & The Krooners every Wednesday at 7:00 pm March thru November. From Doo-Wop to Rock-a-Billy to the great love songs, this is the ultimate 50’s show.

So when you come to Nashville, let us take you on this unforgettable trip back to the “Fabulous Fifties”




At The Hop

Tears On My Pillow

Where The Boys Are

Four Seasons Medley



Oldies Show


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